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CV needs work? Or never needed a CV till now? 

Nowadays, if you're job hunting, you will need a really good CV to help with your job application.  Even if it's an online application, if you have a good CV to refer to, it will speed everything up considerably and make the process much easier.


If you're finding it challenging to update your own CV, or starting from scratch, you're not sure what wording or layout to use, I'm here to help you. A CV and Linkedin profile that really 'sells' you is absolutely key to success in your job search. With my help we will make that happen. Your new CV will also substantially increase your chances of being invited to interview. 


Linkedin is the next step, your online CV. Stats say that it's relied upon by over 91% of recruiters to find and glean more information about candidates like you, particularly for more niche and senior roles. If you do have a basic profile that hasn't been optimised, or brought up-to-date, recruiters won't be able to find you. I offer a Linkedin service too, let me help. 


Why ask for professional help?

Writing your own CV is far from easy. I've reviewed 100s of home-made CVs, and I rarely see a CV that doesn't need much work.  Making your CV concise, easy to read, and include all the necessary detail, is key to creating a CV that works. Hire me, get it right, and substantially improve your chances of job success. 

The Process and lead times

All the following information is detailed in full in the CV terms here.

The lead time from invoice payment is 5 - 7 working days (not including Bank Holidays). 

Once we're ready for our Zoom meeting, we will go through your CV in detail. If you can't use Zoom, we will have a phone consultation instead. 

Please note: CVs for updating are only accepted in a Microsoft Word format (.doc).  I do not accept documents in pdf format.  

CVs from £95
Updated / from scratch
Personal service
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CV consultation

Speak to an expert

Your online CV - £35

Most recruiters rely on Linkedin. Let them find you

Why me?
  • If you're looking for a local Sussex based CV writer, great, I'm based in Uckfield, East Sussex, but I can help you wherever you are, in the UK and overseas.  

  • Personal service is priority, so I offer a consultation, which can either be purchased as part of your CV package, or you can choose a consultation alone, if you just want advice.

  • Look forward to expert advice from many years of experience in business (marketing and CV writing), 

  • I am your sole point of contact with seamless communication (often lost in larger firms).

  • Excellent value! You can choose to just have your CV edited or choose a complete CV package (whichever works for you, see prices). Larger firms pay their CV writers peanuts! (I've been there!).


"I went back to Sue for an update on a CV she did for me 6 years ago. I had looked at other CV writers, who do not even come close to what she can achieve..."

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About Sue

Hi, I’m Sue, your local CV Writer, and Linkedin profile optimiser. Since my business started in 1995, I've helped 100s (lost count!) of candidates from every industry, to be successful in their job search journey, starting with a CV that really 'sells'. 

 My core skill is writing for business. You might find it challenging to find the right wording, but whether in marketing or CV writing, it's vital to get the information right, by being clear, concise and easy to read. I'm told that it's often easier to write about someone else, than write about yourself.  The same applies in my other business - SJE Marketing

.(marketing including social media).

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