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Terms and Conditions (require approval before continuing)

These terms explain the CV process- what you can expect from Premium CVs, and in turn, what I expect from you.

Please note:

You must own or at least have access to, a desktop PC or laptop with a current edition of ‘Word’ (.doc) installed for this process to work. Ideally you should also have Zoom with video and audio installed, together with a good internet connection, although the consultation can be conducted over the phone.  A Mac, tablet, ipad or phone alone are not suitable. Also, as detailed in point 4 below, the process works best if the client supplies the document in Word (.doc). If a pdf or picture file (eg: jpeg), is supplied, an extra charge of £25 will be incurred to convert the document to Word. 

  • Office hours: 9am - 5pm. If no answer, please leave a voicemail, text or Whatsapp message. Saturdays 9am - 1pm. 

  • Work Agreed: once enough information has been received, I will let you know whether or not work can continue. I retain the right to discontinue work at any point. Work on your new CV will only start once full payment is received.

  • Cost: Fees for your new CV will depend on the complexity of your career background. Once the fees have been agreed, I will send you an invoice. Full payment is required upfront please. 

  • Document format: all documents ideally should be supplied in a current version of Word format (.doc). Please note that if you send a jpeg, pdf or a document that claims 'compatible with Word' (they usually aren't), a £25 conversion fee will be incurred. 

  • Consultation: Please book your consultation when you’re not at work, or at least in confidential surroundings, when you’re not expecting a phone call and where you will not be disturbed. Consultations bookings are available Tues - Friday 9am - midday. Ideally you will need to have Zoom with audio and video downloaded, and access to the first draft of your new CV on your desktop PC or laptop. The call will last approximately one hour. In the event that you need to re-schedule the call, please let Sue know at least 48 hours before the call (not including weekends), or a charge of £45 will be incurred. Similarly, if you forget the call appointment, a charge of £45 will be incurred. This fee will need to be paid before the consultation can be re-scheduled.

  • Timescale: your new CV will be complete 5 working days of receipt of payment, unless it has been agreed otherwise. Completion within 5 working days (from 3 working days) can be done for an additional fee of £25.

  • Linkedin: if the Linkedin service is purchased, in many cases the information in a Linkedin profile is removed or changed. If it's important that some information is to be kept, this must be made clear at the start. In the vast majority of cases, the information on a new CV will outweigh previous old details on a Linkedin profile. You cannot have more than one Linkedin profile – it is against Linkedin policy. 

  • Cancellation: please be aware that if you change your mind and wish to cancel the service (or part of the service) once work on your new CV has started, there will be a cancellation fee of 50% of the total paid.  Also, once work has started a refund will not be considered, except in exceptional circumstances, or at my discretion.

  • Third party input: Premium CVs will not accept comments or reviews concerning your CV from any third party (person, company or computer software) before, during or after the process.

  • Communication & disclaimer (phone/text/email):  Premium CVs will always let you know of any unforeseen problems as soon as possible, and I expect the same level of commitment from the client. I always endeavour to respond to emails or phone messages on the same working day. If your message is important / urgent, please phone rather than email. If you do not receive a response first time, try again! I will not be held responsible for any lost emails, texts or phone messages.  I do not accept responsibility for any complications arising from refusal to accept my professional opinion, or from potential problems that may arise due to failure to read these terms in full.

  • Final amendments: If you are happy to do final amendments yourself, that’s fine. Please let me know and the project will be closed. Unless otherwise agreed, Premium CVs will accept final changes to a CV up to 2 working days after PCVs has emailed the final document (document emailed Monday pm, cut off Wednesday pm), after which the normal hourly rate (£45) will apply to any further changes. If you require further changes after you’ve approved the final CV, the normal hourly rate will apply.

  • Further information: Premium CVs always aims to give excellent customer service with 100% satisfaction. In the highly unlikely event of a problem, Premium CVs will naturally endeavour to quickly resolve the issue. Premium CVs will not be held liable for any problem that arises due to a failure to read and/or fully understand the terms.

  • Expenses: Premium CVs will not be held responsible for any expenses whatsoever incurred by the client during or as a result of the CV process.

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