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Linkedin Profile service

Linkedin Facts

Linkedin is a hugely popular and an extremely powerful tool. If you’re looking for a new job, it is your online CV.  If you're not actively using Linkedin, you should be, otherwise you're missing out. 

  • Linkedin is relied upon by over 90% of businesses and headhunters, to search for potential candidates like you.  For many recruiters it's their sole source of candidates. 

  • If you have a good, optimised Linkedin profile, recruiters and headhunters will find and contact you. If your profile is only basic, it won't work!  

  • The businesses and/or people you want to connect with are very likely to be on Linkedin too. It's easy to find, connect and contact them. 

  • To be successful in your job search strategy, use Linkedin regularly.


Let me help you get your Linkedin up and running and make the most of it.


When purchased with a CV writing package:

Linkedin profile from scratch - £40

Optimise Linkedin - £25.

A very basic Linkedin profile with barely any information will be charged as profile from scratch. 

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