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CV writing service, Crawley

Job Success!

CV needs work? Or never needed a CV till now? 

When you're job hunting, preparation is key to success, starting with a really good CV that 'sells' you. Nowadays, every job application, whether online or not, requires detailed information. Even if you don't actually need a document CV, having one to refer to will help the process enormously. However, an old CV that's not been updated in decades simply won't cut it. Nor will just notes. Or, if you never needed a CV till now, where do you start? It can be challenging to 'sell' yourself well.  That's where I come in.

With many years of experience in CV writing (since 1995), for all levels and most industries, it's my job to help you be interview-ready, with a good CV, Linkedin profile, together with expert advice. So, hire me to help and you will have the best chance of job success. 

Please note: all documents must be supplied in a current version of Word format for the process to work. pdf or picture files are not acceptable.

Why me?
  • Wherever you are based, I can help you. My office is in Uckfield, East Sussex. 

  • Personal service with consultation is priority. Consultation alone is available.

  • I'm your sole point of contact, which means seamless communication. 

  • Excellent value! You can choose a CV edit or a complete CV package, whichever works for you. Large firms pay their CV writers peanuts! (lesson learnt!).


So, if writing your own CV is proving too challenging, I'd be delighted to help you.  

Let's get started on your new CV today





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About Sue

 Hi, I’m Sue, your local CV Writer, and Linkedin Writer. I've been a CV writer since 1995, helping 100s (lost count!) of candidates from every industry, be successful in their job search journey. Starting with a CV.

 My core skill is writing for business. To get the right message across, it's vitally important to tell your story clearly and concisely, making it easy to read. The same applies in my other business - SJE Marketing

.(marketing including social media).

CVs updated or from scratch

Personal service

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